Trial process

There is no fixed time for trial periods. We will promote when we feel that the performance and attitude is adequate for the team. That being said, we will try and provide continuous feedback so trials know where they stand and aren’t left wondering what’s going on. Trials are of course more than welcome to come to us and ask how they are doing.

We will be taking into account:
– performance, both mechanical and numerical
– attendance
– preparation for fights
– attitude!
Attitude includes listening to feedback, not being a dick and getting along with other people in the guild.

Expectations outside of raiding

  • Good knowledge of your spec is required: any information available in e.g. class discord pins/guides should be familiar.
  • We need you to keep your character updated to a reasonable level. The specifics may change over time and will be communicated through the announcement channel on discord
  • Simming: we expect every DPS to be able to do simple sims for their character, using Raidbots or the SimC app.
  • If your UI (or lack thereof) limits your performance, you should change it.
  • We do not require you to have any alts, as we do not run splitraids. Keep in mind some bosses might require specific specs so being flexible still increases your chance of getting a raid spot.

Calendar system / attendance

  • Raiding times are Thursday & Monday from 20:00-23:00 server time.
  • We assume people show up unless they specifically notify us (preferably >24hrs in advance) that they’re not coming.
  • Notifying us is done in the “attendance” channel not via Whisper.
  • Average attendance of >75% is expected.
  • We sometimes have OPTIONAL runs for normal/heroic for people who want/need it.

Required addons
Please download and keep the following addons up to date: See weak-auras for direct links.

  • WeakAuras
  • BigWigs / DBM
  • ERT
  • RCLootCouncil
  • Login time: try to be online 15 minutes before raid start so we can start invites.
  • Raid start: we expect people to be in front of the boss + in discord at 20:00 server time.
  • Raid Times – If we are close to a progression kill we might extend the time by 30 mins.
  •  Voicecom:
    – If you have background noise then we may force PTT on those players to help keep the voice comms as clear as possible
    – We require everyone to have a working mic and the courage to use it: we don’t force you to be social, but we need you to be able to communicate when necessary.
  • Being called out is never meant to be taken personally. We all make mistakes but we need people do be aware of them to improve. This also ties into the following point:
    – If you make a mistake that leads to a wipe, quickly acknowledging/explaining the situation can save everyone a lot of time figuring out what happened
    – If you believe the strategy used could be improved, bring this to the attention of the RL in between pulls (or in the break/after the raid for major changes). Do not change tactics on your own accord during fights

Loot distribution

With Masterlooter no longer been a viable option we are going to try and mimic master looter as close as we can. We believe controlled gearing is a significant boost to the raid’s overall performance. Any loot that drops where the item is not an upgrade for you then this item will be master looted out. We do this via RCLootCouncil. Just to clarify:- If an item drops that is an increase for you then you are not expected to trade this. If a side-grade drops for you then we would encourage you to make a choice that is best suited for the guild as a whole.

We will have some way to check people are not sneakily keeping loot, but it is definitely not our intention to babysit: we expect every single raider to be mature enough to agree with those terms if they decide to raid with us.

All of the factors we take into account when distributing loot are directly tied to how much, on average, the raid as a whole benefits from it. More specifically, we try to stand by the following rules (in no particular order):

  • Bigger upgrade means higher priority
  • Higher attendance means higher priority
  • Raiders have priority over trials (Officers ofc count as raiders)

BoEs during main raid days are expected to be given to the guild. It will then be sold and the gold received will be used to provide for raid consumables.

If anyone accidentally equips a BOE then that member will be expected to pay the full market price for that item immediately.

As always, you’re more than welcome to message us if you wonder why a certain choice was made or downright disagree with us, but we’d prefer if discussions like those could wait until the break or after the raid, as to not slow everyone down. Please don’t wait too long though, it will be hard for us to remember the reasoning behind decisions that happened 2 weeks ago.

  • Your raid frames should be able to cleanly display any relevant buff/debuff.
  • You should be capable of either (preferably both):
    – Research what to track before starting a boss.
    – Start tracking relevant debuffs/buffs on the fly.
    Access to a healer chat will be given and healers are expected to use this or voice comms to co-ordinate accordingly

You are expected to attend Thursday and Monday even if you are loot locked for those bosses. Mythic should always be kept free even if you are looking like you maybe benched – This is to allow the guild to have the highest amount of players available for selection/rotation. Please use the table below for guidance:

Normal: You are free to PUG Normal at any point
Heroic: You are free to PUG heroic at any point
Mythic: You should only be saved to the guilds Mythic lockout. Pugging this without approval will create complications for the guild and automatically rules you out of the Mythic Team.